"Mother's Day Weekend"
We arrived late (11pm) after a ton hour drive. Thanks for welcoming us and having it so nice and warm on such a cold May's
We had eleven here for dinner. It was easy with such a well stocked kitchen; plenty of pots and pans and a dishwasher, too.
Nathan fished twice (yippee) So close to the river was great. Thanks!"  
  M. F.

Once upon a time in the U.P. stayed a lovely pair:
Josh and Emily. We hiked and hiked till our feet were sore,
Then returned here to dream of Pasties galore.
In our two short nights at this Guest House,
for the beauty of the lake from our slumber we did arouse.
Come and see the scenic vista,
Bring your brothers, bring your sistas.
We saw rocks, we saw falls
Towering waves and that's not all.
So be brave and risk some danger,
If in a pinch seek out the ranger.
The Grand Sable Dunes are a sight to behold.
A panoramic view of sands glittered gold.
This cozy Deerton cabin was the perfect retreat.
Thank you so much for giving us a place to rest our tired feet. "
 S. S.

"What a perfectly lovely two weeks! Thank you so much. I didn't get nearly as much work done as I thought I would,
but my soul feels rested - and that's what I needed most of all. I'll carry this place with me through the year ahead and
I hope to be back here next summer."   S. S.

"Matt and I enjoyed spending the last week of our honeymoon here at the Deerton Guest House. We loved the
house and grounds and we have decided to rename the place "The Deerton Doggie Haven" because of all the
wonderful friendly dogs who call this place home.
There is so much pristine beauty to explore here in the U.P. We look forward tocoming back for more adventures
in the years to come.
Thank you for making us feel so welcome  and so comfortable. The U.P. may just have the kindest people we have
met in all our travels. Peace and blessings."  
M. A.

"This week has gone by far too quickly. It seems like just yesterday we were greeted by Sequel marking our tire.
We'll miss the falls, the mountains, and our long walks down the trail with Sequel Thanks for making our first
vacation together so memorable. We look forward to returning next summer for more thimbleberries and long
walks. She doesn't know it yet but I think Caden will miss Sequel and the deck very much.
Chris and Horse - Thanks so much for the jelly and your hospitality. Take care."  
 C. L.

"Thank you very much for your hospitaliy. We love the Guest House and plan on returning next year."   B. E.

"We had a great stay in the Deerton Guest House. It was really warm and cozy. Thanks!
p.s. Your dogs are really friendly and cute."  
 F. L.

"Frank and I enjoyed our stay at the Deerton Guest House. Not only did Chris graciously accompany us on walks in the  Peter
White Preserve, we also had the opportunity to have Sequel and Aleut as tour guides ia a walk around the area.
Thanks for the Hospitality. We are grateful that you advertise with the Munising Chamber of Commerce."  
  F. S.

"This is our second trip to th Guest House and we had just as great of a time. Went to many familiar
waterfalls/parks  and made the climb up Hogsback again. As usual our Husky, Caden, had a blast with the other
dogs and we (Chris and I) both caught our first brook trout. Always tough to leave this place. Thanks so much for
having us again!"   
C. L.

"We had a great time here for our family reunion. We felt comfortable and at home. Our dog,
Maggie loved being able to run free and enjoyed playing with the other dogs.
Thanks so much for putting up with us and all of our extended family. It was fun!
Best wishes to you all."   
J. B.
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